wallpaper re-design

The goal of the Wallpaper magazine redesign is to create intriguing imagery that both accentuates and amplifies the magazine’s feature content. I chose to rebrand Wallpaper because the publication focuses on design, art, travel, and a refined lifestyle ethos, yet it too often features 200 pages of product placement advertisements. The structural requirements of this hypothetical overhaul were to alter the nameplate, change the existing typographic and grid system, and to create imagery that corresponds with each feature article. In the redesign the content and advertisements follow one of three themes: modern dating; responsible eating; and, slow and fast-paced living. The three feature articles, “Modern Love } < /3”; “In Praise of Slowness”; and, “Eat Responsibly” (which has a complementary article titled, “Where to: Eat Responsibly”) are respectively paired with each visual theme. Additionally, I designed the seven ads that are feature in the redesign, all of which adhere to the three main themes of the magazine.