botanical glitches

Botanical Glitches is a collection of artworks that engage with my relationship to botanical matter.
My presence takes up space. The places I physically and virtually occupy take up space. I leave traces of myself in the spaces I’ve occupied— tangible or in memories. I’m not tending a garden or planting seeds—it may be the opposite, I’m cutting and arranging. Taking what I want and shaping it into what I want it to be. Not for the benefit of the flora but for my own benefit. The artworks in this collection utilize a myriad of methods to create these images including scanning, photography, animation, painting.

As a fragile commodity (that is frequently shipped across the global) my floral subjects are inseparable from capitalism (specifically the effects of capitalism on agricultural labourers and the environment), and their presentation and dissemination (in my work specifically, but there are hung online florist communities) is intrinsically linked to the digital realm.

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