fragmented flora

Fragmented Flora: Digital Embodiments of Being in Time and Space consists of the curation of a digital environment that utilizes the affective qualities of physical space; featuring an animated piece Still life with fallen fruit (2019) by Elisabeth Belliveau, the video We Weight on the Land (Winter) (2019) by Eve Tagny, interactive poem Fin (2019, part of their G=A=R=D=E=N series) and sound piece xi xi 息息 by Xuan Ye, and a live-stream floral installation (2021) by Hayley O’Byrne. This work problematizes the ways in which human interventions interact and act upon matter by deconstructing the ways in which permanence and materialism are discussed and valued, as they intersect with the digital. The theoretical grounds of the project focus on the concepts materiality (as it relates to how matter moves through, exists, and transforms in space); temporality (as it relates to decay); and individuality (as it relates to senses and sensory triggers). The curatorial methodology engages the challenge of evoking the tangible and affect of qualities of physical experiences through an online exhibition.

This thesis exhibition is being presented to OCAD University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Masters in Fine Art in Criticism & Curatorial Practice. The full suport paper can be accessed on the OCAD University Open Research Repository. The website has been archived.