succumbing to mediocrity  

Succumbing to Mediocrity started as a joke to my father. At the time I was working an office job and a few times a week fresh snacks would be added to the kitchen. The office manager would announce the snack replenishment in the office group message. Shortly after the announcement, people would get up from their desks and head to the kitchen. I joked to my father that watching the office precessions to the kitchen was like watching ants in a colony move to and from an ant hill. From there, I expanded the project to include other depictions of ants (fumigation, art farms, magnifying glasses) as metaphors for the repetition and mundanity I felt while working in an office.

Succumbing to Mediocrity combines my habit of documenting mundane imagery, with my love for painting and lettering, the final videos were synthesized and colourized digitally.