the state of blackness

Lead by Dr. Andrea Fatona, "The State of Blackness: From Production to Presentation was a two-day, interdisciplinary conference event held at the Ontario College of Art and Design University, and Harbourfront Centre for the Arts, Toronto, Canada. It brought together forty-two (42) artists, curators, academics, students, and multiple public participants to engage in dialogue and, in effect, problematize the histories, current situation, and future state of black diasporic artistic practice and representation in Canada."

The State of Blackness: From Production to Presentation website "serves as a repository for information about ongoing research geared toward making visible the artistic production and dissemination of works by Black Canadian cultural producers." As the research assistant for the project I was tasked with the development and redesign of the website. I completed extensive design and theoretical research, took inventory of the content, created a new information structure, and refreshed the aesthetic to ensure that the updated website allowed for the growth of the project. The updated website demonstrates sensitivity to the content in form and function. Although this is an academic project, we wanted the language and resources to be available to those outside of the academy.  As the project progresses, I have been tasked with managing communication, developing social strategies, along with assisting with event planning and creating event graphics.

You can view the website here: The State of Blackness: From Production to Presentation